Costa 5 Rivers Program

The TU Costa 5 Rivers program fosters the next generation of fly fishers by establishing, supporting and coordinating college and university fly fishing clubs.  These clubs teach fly fishing and fly tying to club members and promote conservation ethics through volunteer opportunities with local TU chapters on stream-based projects.  Ushering thousands of young educated men and women into the sport of fly fishing will greatly benefit the industry and help support TU’s conservation work for years to come.

Students in TU Costa 5 Rivers clubs have the chance to join a sponsoring TU Chapter in their region, lend a young voice, and help shape the TU of tomorrow.   TU’s principal objectives in overseeing and promoting TU 5 Rivers are to 1) expose young adults to TU’s mission, 2) give them a chance to learn how to fly fish with a group of their peers, and 3) provide these individuals with resources, equipment, and networking opportunities to become successful conservation-minded fly fishers.

The TU Costa 5 Rivers program members attend such events as the Costa TU Rally, participate in the TU Costa 5 Rivers Leadership Council, have access to discounts on equipment and gear, and help students get internships with TU and its partners.  With its many public and private colleges and universities, North Carolina is an ideal state for the expansion of TU 5 Rivers.

For more information, contact Andrew Loffredo, TU Costa 5 Rivers Coordinator, at or 518-265-2705.

What are the “5 Rivers”?

1. Conservation.  Each club will host a conservation initiative in their community. This can be events surround-ing stream restoration to a Trout in the Classroom project.

2. Fundraising.  Like any organization, 5 Rivers clubs need funds to operate. In partnership with F3T (Fly Fish-ing Film Tour) we have secured special cuts of the film to distribute to 5 Rivers Clubs that can be used as a fundraising opportunity. However, we encourage you to take ownership of this event (or any other fundraising ideas you might have!) and make it your own unique event!

3. Community Outreach.  Giving back to the community is something we believe in strongly at TU. Clubs can hold a small learn to cast/fly fish event, or something as elaborate as a large Project Healing Waters event to fulfill this requirement.

4. Be A Costa Ambassador.  The presidents of each 5 Rivers club will be empowered to become a campus ambassador for Costa Sunglasses. Grow membership, bring your members to the rallies, plan/execute successful events, gatherings, meetings and conservation projects.

5. Making the TU Connection. As a 5 Rivers Chapter, we encourage you to partner with your local TU chapter to accomplish your goals this semester. Our local TU chapters and the 5 Rivers Coordinator are a great resources to market your events, source volunteers and fund-ing for projects, etc.