Council News

Each month except June, July and August, our council publishes a monthly newsletter or feature magazine to let our members and friends know what’s going on around the state.  The newsletters are usually delivered on the first Sunday of the month, and are available in a “flip magazine” and downloadable (.pdf) format.

To download a newsletter, right-click on the “Download the .PDF” link under it.

Our feature magazine, “The Drift” is released quarterly in January, April, July and October.  It contains some chapter news and council news, but is primarily intended to present feature stories to our readers; stories that range from conservation to fishing to gear reviews, trip reviews, opinion and even poetry.  It has minimal advertising – in fact, the only advertising at all are single ads from “TU Business” members and from our contributors.  We do not sell advertising, and we do not collect and resell information from our subscribers.

Our monthly newsletter, “The Mend” features current, recent and upcoming news about things happening in our state and in our various chapters.  It’s a great way for our smaller chapters who may not have deep resources to stay in touch with their members, for our council to tell folks about things happening of statewide interest, and for all members to learn about things happening close to them.

All members of NCTU are automatically added to our mailing list when they join, but may opt-out at any time.  We do not share our list information with anyone other than coordinating with local TU chapters.  If you currently receive our monthly mailings, you’re all set. 

If not, please subscribe using the form at the bottom of this page. 

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